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Good, Bad or Ugly? ACIM Lesson #99

Salvation is my only function here

I mentioned I have been reading a bit of Eckhart Tolle. A New Earth. In it, Tolle asks us to think about the labels we identify with.

The exercise to practice is this: Close your eyes for a few seconds. Then open them, trying not to label anything. No coffee cup. No cats crying. No coffee stain on my shirt (thank goodness for that one).

Then try seeing things. Just as they are.

Hmmmm……It was actually kindov. Wow. Well, refreshing.

Lesson 99 similarly invites me to recognize the labels I place on everything. This dessert is good….But it is bad when I’m trying to lose weight. This rain is depressing…But my gorgeous Yoshino Cherry tree is blooming beautifully.


And, for me-Recognition.

What I label as good or bad is always relative to my experience. Lesson 99 is totally on board with this reality. It tells me that no matter what errant thoughts I might think I am having, the kindly Light of source shines on them all.

And, lucky for me, when my internal label maker goes into overdrive, I can Forgive the thought and try again. Even luckier-this forgiveness is the salvation of humanity personified.

When we take a step back. When we see the Source in all things. When we choose to love what the world would tell us to hate-we transcend the paradigm. And we bring the Source of the Universe that can only be ,the All-That-Is, to this very moment in an instant.

See the brilliance that is truly you my dear friends. The love of Source that is always shining bright to clear out the functions we think are important (aka judging, aka to-do lists, aka labeling). And shine the salvation of Source onto every person, place, and situation you dare to meet today.

Shine on LightChasers!

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