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Give Peace a Chance-ACIM Review IV: Lesson #143

My mind holds only what I think with God./In quiet I receive God’s Word today. All that I give is given to myself.

There is a still small space between our breaths. We all know it. We may have even heard about it, over and over again in our spiritual explorations.

It is a pause where we stop all of the striving, to-doing, and attempts to fix things.

And the coolest part? It only takes a second. One tiny infinite moment. One breath. Try it.

In…..and ouuut….

Mmmm. Nice isn’t it?

This morning I took just such a breath. After all the serious shift going on in the world. I attempted to connect with what is mine to do. I watched the gnats dancing in the wind. I witnessed the deafening beauty of the world around me. And I thought to myself: This is Source. THIS is the holy moment I have at my fingertips every day. Even amidst the shifting sands my mind tells me I am.

In my human doing rather than being I forget this quiet is there for me always. The Word spoken unto my heart. Even when the world is noisy. Even when I’m not listening. The unspoken truth that gifts me with breathtaking beauty and purpose.

Receive today in the quiet. Don’t overlook the gifts of each singular moment the Universe brings.

It waits for you in the silence.

Namaste PeaceWorker.

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