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Function Junction Remember Your Function? ACIM Lesson #192

I have a function God would have me fill.

Have I mentioned my cats yet? For those new to this ACIM (aka A Course in Miracles) business, my cats are my greatest ACIM teachers.

We have a new cat we ‘saved’ from the bush-CJ. The cat we have had for 14 years (Punch) isn’t a huge fan yet. He just can’t quite wrap his head around the fact there is a bouncing, energetic young cat around every corner.

He hisses and growls. And, as the best crazy-cat lady I can truly be, I follow them around. Trying to negotiate their tolerance for one-another.

You can imagine how this is going. Depends on the day.

Lesson 192 reminds me that while I am chasing cats, my function is passing me by faster than Punch running away from CJ (and he’s pretty fast).

While I am mistaking my purpose in life for navigating the personalities of cats (or people). I am worshiping what is not there. Controlling what was never mine to do.

Lesson 192 mindfully enlightens me that by focusing my consciousness on the things I don’t want to see-I am imprisoning myself. Tying my life to policing the world. Instead of seeking what is holy within myself.

I think we might all have our proverbial cats in the rooms of our minds. The things or situations that bind us to them by drawing our attention away from our life. Our sacred tasks. Our purpose. Lesson 192 asks us to let these people or moments go. To forgive the thought. To forgive them. And to keep walking determinedly toward the purpose the Universe created us for.

(Here’s a hint: it’s not herding cats).

Let go today Dear friends.

And when you don’t? Forgive the thought and choose again. Choose your life’s purpose over the meaningless prison of moments you don’t really resonate with anyway. Be the function Source would have you fill. I can’t wait to see what you create!

Shine on LightWorker!

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