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Foot-In-Mouth Disease, ACIM Review #2: Lesson 83

My only function is the one God gave me/My happiness & my function are one.

Public speaking is not my fav.

I sputter over words. I get sweaty palms when someone asks me a question. I even feel cold sweats when I am asked an impromptu answer I haven’t had time to rehearse.

Classic introvert.

Add foot-in-mouth disease, and we’ve got a perfect storm of a sh** sandwich between these lips. (perhaps you can see how this happens from the previous sentence).

But sometimes, on my better days, I remember lesson #83.

That my purpose isn’t the words I say. What I do. Or even the errant thoughts that leapfrog out of my mouth into conversations without warning.

It is happiness.

What does that mean? How do we get it?

By remembering who we are. Divine love in the united action.

And, bully for me, my function (aka purpose) in life is independent of any negativity I perceive. Or words I may misspeak. My at-one-ness is unaffected by these things.

Today lesson #83 invites us to remember we are more. To remember we are the joy of a sunset. A too loud laugh after a terrible joke. Giggles from your little one.

We are all of these.

Connected in the joy that is sourced from our individual Divine truth in co-creation.

Seek the truth today my friends. Seek your happiness with a ferocity that knows no bounds.

Connect to function. Connect to you. You are the most perfect expression of the Divine in all of creation.

Love, light and happiness Dear ones.

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