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Flame on LightWorkers! ACIM Lesson #345.

I offer only miracles today, For I would have them be returned to me.

Lesson 345 is what I call a 'building ACIM lesson.

Yesterday, we invited in the concept that what we give we receive. Today’s lesson talks about how miracles integrate with this giving concept.

ACIM discusses, many times, the idea that life is an illusion. That we are playing out Maya, or the illusion of this world every day in our little lives.

I often believe, for example, that dusting or taking out the garbage immediately is paramount. Maya says-not so much. There are bigger fish to fry. There are miracles to experience.

And when I take the time, miracles are truly everywhere I look. Butterflies, Christmas lights, smiling strangers. Miracles.

Lesson 345 reminds me that what I give I receive-especially miracles. And, as ACIM has determined, there are no order in miracles so….a smile or moving a mountain. All the same in this cosmic Mayan game.

It reminds me to take just one small step in the right direction today to create my little corner of miracles in my world. And that these miracles ignite a flame that can spread throughout our world.

Peace and miracles to you my dear friends. Here’s to a miraculous day of beauty and catching a world on fire.

Namaste LightWorkers. Flame on.

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