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Fall-ing into Silence. ACIM Lesson # 286

The hush of Heaven holds my heart today.

Well, well ACIM aren’t you poetic? This is where it all gets beautiful. Majestic.

You see, the world is noisy. There is so much stimulation and ‘to-do’s’ I can barely keep my laundry folded most days.

This is how the world operates. Or so we are told. That to go, go, go is where it is AT! Where you accomplish things. Where you achieve. Where you are worthy.

But there is another way. A quieter way. One less glamorous. One where accolades may not be as obvious. This way lives in the silence.

The silence? Whaaat? That is NOT what we are told every day Estelle. In our media. In our minds.

It is Fall here in the Midwest and this other way reminds me of the leaves falling on a quiet morning. The heartbreaking beauty of a leaf nestling in the grass. It is just this seamlessly that our lives fall into place when we find the opportunity to rest in silence. To stop all of the hustle and bustle.

Just for a moment.

And to release any ideas of what I might think is important….Watching the beauty that lives in these tiny moments. The ones that make up the tapestry of our lives.

Lesson 286 encourages us there is no need to DO anything to be worthy. The Universe will call to you the answers, circumstances, and people you need. Your Soul already understands every decision that needs to be made. So why not enjoy the view? Relax. Strive no more than that beautiful leaf drawn to the earth to rest. To be. Here is where we find peace. Here is where our minds can rest. Here is where Heaven is made on earth in a heart married to the stillness.

Trust. Believe. Receive. Your Soul awaits.

Shine on LightWorker.

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