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Emotional Warfare-ACIM Review IV-Lesson #204

I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me./The name of God is my inheritance.

I may have mentioned that I have been reading a lot of Martha Beck lately. Her book Finding your Own North Star is phenomenal. Not just for those looking to clarify purpose. But also for those who have gone through a major upheaval in their lives.

In her book Beck coins a term she calls ‘Soul Shrapnel’. Soul shrapnel is the remnants of traumas. Things that injured us and keep us from connecting with our Divine selves. Soul shrapnel can label us with characteristics like lazy, incompetent, or stupid. Soul shrapnel is the often-unintended consequences of harsh words or experiences that have exploded into our consciousness.

Lesson 204 encourages me to identify and call out the Soul shrapnel in my life. It reminds me that we are not a slave to our experiences whether they happened 2 weeks...or 20 years ago. In fact, the core of who we are remains the same. Waiting for us to accept and receive the beautiful inheritance of love in motion that is our birthright.

And if you are having a tough day? Beck suggests writing it out-writing it AAAALLLL out and burning the results.

Our inheritance is not the wounds we bear Dear Friends. The soul shrapnel projected upon us. Or even that we’ve projected upon ourselves. Our inheritance is Freedom. Soul-soaring freedom. The peace that lives within beyond our wounds. And the dreams our Soul wishes to shine.

Shine on LightWorker!

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