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Drinking the GOOD Coffee...

We’ve all done it. Bought the generic ketchup. Clipped some coupons. Went to five grocery stores to get the best deal (wait…only me?).

It’s good to be frugal. It can help to have that extra dollar when you really want something in life.

But if the pandemic has taught me nothing else-it has taught me to take a hard look at the things I value most in life.

Is it the biggest house? Or is it the time I spend with family in my tiny one? Is it doing twenty things in a day? Or five, that fill up my internal cup?

None of these things are bad, but when anything becomes the goal over the experience, it is an opportunity to take a second look at our priorities. Are they in line with what we value, or do we need to reevaluate where our heart truly lives?

Here’s a bite-sized example from my own life. BP (before pandemic) I had a cheap, bulk coffee I used during the week. (I was always a bleary-eyed mess in the morning anyway, so I never bothered to truly enjoy my cup). I had a separate “good” coffee I drank on the weekends. Local brand (shout out to #Broadway Roasting Company YUM!). I ground the beans and savored the luscious brew.

During the pandemic I finally said, screw it. I’m drinking the GOOD coffee every day. I had over an hour of my life back from the commute, so I made a conscious decision to get straight to the good stuff. It was glorious. So much more meaningful. The smell of fresh, delicious coffee in the morning. The steam rising off the top on a cold day. Wow.

And here’s the interesting part. Even now that I’m back working in the office, I still take the time to enjoy one good cup before I leave in the morning. To savor the experience. To enjoy what is good in life to me.

My question to you today friends-What is your proverbial cup of coffee? What is one thing you truly enjoy that you can make a regular part of your daily line up? That feeds your soul. That can help you from getting lost in the busy that is slowly creeping back into our days once again?

Let me know the things that fuel your soul-big or small. Rinse and repeat dear friends. You deserve Every. Single. Cup.

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1 Comment

Jul 01, 2021

I am Savoring time with myself. Most of the time I have to hold my arm out with my hand stiffly held in an upright position…but at least I’m learning to not accept the guilt that comes from my learned habit of everyone else first!

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