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Double Take-ACIM Lesson 21

I am determined to see things differently

This idea may seem the same as yesterdays-I am determined to see. The difference is in the application.

Today we get to look (and, yes I did say GET to look) at things differently. Specific things. Like when my partner sings in the morning.

Instead of my typical response-irritation. I can choose again. I can say: I am determined to see my partner differently I am determined to see song as beautiful, no matter what the source( o.k., so I added in that last part ; )). The point is that it is all relative. We focus on what we see.

And we can also do this on the positive.

Like the vibrant red cardinal that flew in front of my car yesterday on the way to work. I could choose to drive on by, minding my ever-loving business. Or I could choose to see that something, somewhere might be sending me a sign of hope. Of inspiration. Of this time, during winter when there is still vibrancy and life, just waiting to emerge from the darkness.

Yes. Methinks I like this seeing things differently.

Happy looking for the wonderous differences your life can bring. I invite you to join me in looking at them with new eyes.

Namaste Light Worker!

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