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Don't believe everything you Think you See...ACIM Lesson 6

I am upset because I see something that is not there.

Back in the day, when I worked in a pharmacy, people would, understandably, get upset every day. About their copays. About their medications not being ready. All kinds of stuff.

They were sick. Not always at their best.

On the daily, either myself or my technicians would usually have a heated discussion with someone. After some time, it was exhausting. Most people who work in these situations get burnt out. But I discovered something after a time.

People just wanted to be heard. Seen. Acknowledged.

When I stopped making myself right, and actually took the time to listen. When I appreciated the fact that these people too were suffering. I found that the discussions took a very different turn.

Many times what I thought was upsetting was not the real source of their pain. The hurt. The angst. The frustration. The fear. The trying to do their best to advocate for their child, their parent, or even themselves…well, that was the heart of the matter.

Lesson 6 tells me that I, like these blessed souls, sometimes misdirect my energy from my perception to what is not there. The upset over the TV not working properly. A perceived lack of prosperity or acknowledgement. These are all little upsets that attempt to color my day. But they may not be the root of my struggles.

When I can recognize what is truly there. When I stop to feel what is actually here for me to learn and grow through, I become a soul in awareness. A Divine witness to the beautiful teacher life can be. And I can sit in the moment of illusion my worries often are. To get to the lessons that are here for me to receive.

Blessings in awareness to you my dear friends. Shine on Light Workers!

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