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Does that make me Craaayyzy? Acim Lesson #234

Father today I am Your child again.

This morning I almost lost it on my children. You know, the two cat-children in my life? After an up-all-night-mouse-bringing-in kind of evening my youngest decided to fight with his older cat-brother. (I imagine those with any kind of children might relate).

I was tired. I was annoyed. I was straight-up p*ssed. And I was a hair-breadth close to losing it. I was, most decidedly, not my best spiritual self.

After mobilizing the proverbial water bottle threat, I didn’t feel great about my reaction. That familiar not-so-love song of self-loathing started playing in my mind. And I wondered if I could ever regain my peace. My equilibrium. My center.

So I gave myself a time out. I took a walk. I meditated. And the message that the Universe delivered?

You still love these children. No matter what. Your reaction. Theirs. You still love them. No matter what they do. Even when you may not like them in a moment. And this is exactly how the Universe/God/Source feels about you.

Lesson 234 says we never really leave this holy instant of peace and awareness. That what we think of as a break in our connection with Source. A lapse in our sanity. It’s not even a tiny blip on the radar of our Divine Unity. We are always a child of the Universe. Always loved no matter what we do. And the Universe always sees us for the Divine we are. This Divinity waits for us with open arms, beyond any rogue fears or self-doubts. Even if we need to take a moment to remember.

In the Peace that is beyond times of Uncertainty Dear Friends.

Namaste Lightworkers. Shine on!

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