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Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a Maze...

Last night I had an interesting dream. This is not ALL that surprising considering it was a big fat Capricorn full moon. Transformative…

The dream was this. I entered a grocery store parking lot. Went in & shopped. Then I came out and tried to leave….but my car would only go in reverse. I kept trying and trying to make it go forward-putting it in and out of gear. But, no dice. Just reverse.

So I drove in reverse. Trying to get out of the parking lot. My window fogged up. I could barely see. I even periodically tried to put it into the proper gear. Reverse only. I was sure I would hit another car at any moment. But, somehow I made it through unscathed, until…I suddenly saw a car’s lights bright in my rear view. Yipes.

But the car didn’t move. It was just there, shining it’s lights at me as I slowed down. Then I woke up.

Being mystical, I tried to figure out wtf this dream meant.

I looked up reverse driving, dreams on the internet-Death! Bad decisions! All sorts of bad mojo. Uh-oh. I thought in a panic. What is coming for me?!!?

I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The brain monkeys were having a field day with this one. Throwing excremental bombs of self-doubt. Disgusting.

But, after coming down from my coffee high, I realized this-The dream didn’t feel bad. The car. The driving in reverse. It was frustrating. But I also felt lucky to encounter no other cars. And the car lights felt friendly.

An image came to mind: our lives are like a maze.

We run around like tiny rats in the maze, trying to figure it all out to get to the cheese (our sacred purpose). Like the rat, we sometimes make a wrong turn (or several in my case). And what do we do when it happens?

We reverse. Like me. In my car.

And then we actually get pretty smart about where the wrong turns lie. And, when we make one-there’s the beautiful light of the Universe directing us to the right path. Gently reminding us of where we need to go. Like the car lights in my dream.

So today I’ll do a little re-interpretation of my dream on the happy side. I say, we always have guidance. And this feels reassuring: Whatever wrong turns, or even driving in reverse we might engage in, the Universe will always lead us where we need to be. So I’ll relax. I’ll enjoy. And I’ll look for the light directing me to the best version of my life today.

And you? Any full moon dreams leading your way today friends? What kind of light within yourself is guiding you to greatness? Love and sweet dreams to you all XXOO!

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