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Con-Damn-ation-ACIM Lesson #228

God has condemned me not. No more do I.

Yesterday I had a thing. A gathering with friends I was scheduled to attend. But when I got home…well I was just pooped.

Maybe you can relate?

I felt guilty. Embarrassed. I didn’t have a great reason for not attending the gathering. I adore my friends. But, I was tired. So I slept on the couch. Aaaaand then felt more guilty.

Lesson 228 says these self-judgments are unnecessary. If the creator of the All-That-Is doesn’t judge us, then there’s no need to condemn ourselves. As a chronic judger, I understand this can be hard to swallow.

The skinny is this: If we believe in the power of the Universe. If we trust a power greater than ourselves lives and breathes. And wants the very best for us. Why would such a brilliant power condemn what it has made? In its image. In its perfection.

The choice is always ours-do we believe ourselves to be a part of the expansive holiness that is infinite? Or do we believe ourselves to be separate from the magic that burns inside our souls?

And any mistakes? Just a bad dream we can chose to wake up from at any time. (Couch surfing in the rear-view mirror.)

Choose to receive today. Stop any self-condemnation. Remember that you are perfection in motion. A unique unrepeatable expression of the Universe created to shine.

Shine on in Love LightChasers!


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