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Can you SMELL the Awesome ACIM is Cookin'? ACIM Lesson #260

Let me remember God created me.

Hoooaaaahhh! That’s right. This is another drop the mic Lesson brought to you by ACIM!

Do you SMELL what ACIM is cookin’ people?


We are a perfect unrepeatable expression of source. One-of-a-kind awesome-sauce.

And every time we entertain the thought that we are less than this? Insane in the membrane ACIM says.

The good news is we not only did not stray from our path-we never left! How amazing is that? Our identity is pure awesome.

Feel awkward? Try a little visualization ACIM recommends.

Step 1: Remember who you are. Go ahead and pull out those gorgeous dreams just waiting to be dusted off and actualized. As a reflection of Source, they are important. You are important.

Step 2: Write yourself a permission slip to dream today Dear LightWalkers.

Step 3: Rinse, repeat & enjoy.

You were made for this!

Namaste Fellow Co-Creators!

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