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Bye Felicia!-ACIM Lesson 9

I see nothing as it is now.

ACIM is famous for the idea that time is a construct. And while this idea may seem esoteric at first, ungraspable to my meager mind, it reminds me that I often carry an old story with me into the present.

All of the things I see before me live in my personal historical context. I think this pen, for example, is the same pen I picked up yesterday to write with. When, in fact, I used 5% of the ink and it is a little different. I am annoyed by the way the pen ink stops and starts when today it hasn’t stopped one time.

In essence, it’s difficult to see past what we have known a thing (or person) to be.

We are so much more than the stories we create my friends. About others. And about ourselves. To see beyond the pen we were yesterday, involves taking an honest inventory of our “ink level” right now. And this means, as Lesson 9 tells us, getting rid of what we think we see in the moment.

Creating a clean slate. And just trying to observe, as if seeing for the first time, a sunset. The birds singing. Or a rainbow. Children are masters at this. Getting excited for every blade of grass. Giggling joyfully at squirrels at play.

I remember, fondly, a friend’s daughter exclaiming gratefully at every gift she opened as a young person. “This is a wonderful (insert toy name)!” she would say in awe….at every. Single. Present.

This is the gift of Lesson 9. This is the inspiration. To begin again. With our heartaches and our shame bathed again in the cleansing waters of a new day. New possibilities. New miracles.

Namaste Light Chaser.

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