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Bunny Business

We had a little gift yesterday. From the cat.

Here’s a clue: It was a bunny.

My partner & I comically glanced at one-another as he brought it in. Shocked with indecision. Chaos happened.

Chasing bunny. Corralling the cat in the bedroom. The bunny ran behind the dryer…and wouldn’t come out. It was frozen, somewhat ironically, among the dust bunnies.

We tried cajoling it out. Nope. We nudged it lightly with a broom. Uh-uh.

Finally, in an admirable display of bodily distortion (Circ de So Le has nothing on him), my partner caught the bunny and took it outside, victorious.

What’s funny is, the bunny remained frozen. He didn’t move from the bushes we put him in. For what seemed like hours.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m a little like that bunny. I’ve been cooped up for over a year. Hopping along, doing the best I can. Ultimately, enjoying my myopic life. Suddenly-BAM! I’m thrust into unfamiliar surroundings-living ‘normal’ life again.

Like the rabbit I wonder what to do. I probably don’t act appropriately. I maybe don’t listen when people try to cajole me into safe spaces. I’m confused about what is proper to do. And my life from before is forever changed by what I’ve seen. By what I’ve experienced. By the trauma. So I freeze.

The question for the day is-what do we do next my friends? How do we move out of our proverbial bushes to face what the new day holds? I’m not sure.

But I do know this. If that bunny can experience something more terrifying than he could possibly imagine and find the courage to hop away-maybe so can I.

And maybe the grass will smell just a little bit sweater for the fright. The sun a bit warmer on my skin in the morning. And the fresh air and laughter of friends a balm to my unsteady and mending soul.

My take for the future? Take the win. Hop away. Right into that glorious sunset. Know the Universe is delivering a second chance for all of us to appreciate the small things in life. The ones that were before, and have always been, just waiting for us to discover their glory. As Susan Jeffers says, Feel the fear, and do it anyway. Even if you need to be frozen for just a little while longer.

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