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Bring the Peace-ACIM Lesson #63

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

The light of the world brings peace to every mind through forgiveness.

There’s not a whole heckovalot of peaceful feelings going on right now.

And when the cat’s are fighting or I’m watching the news. When someone brings up a paradigm of scarcity or talks about what is missing in the world. I’ll admit it.

I feel deflated.

I wonder scary things about survival or where I can possibly put my attention that would help.

Then ACIM steps in. And asks me to reconsider my monkey-mind games.

Who are you Estelle? it asks.

Uhhhhhh….I don’t know….I’m not sure. A writer? A friend? A seeker?

Nope. Try again.

Lost? Hopeless? Unsure?

Uh uh. Light. Pure light. In the darkness. Radiating your love to all you see.

Paul Selig tells us, through his guides, God Is. God Is. God Is. Not just in our peaceful moments. Not just in any perceived perfection we might think to obtain. But everywhere. In the All-That-Is.

In our heartaches. In our worries. In our chipped toenail-polish moments of the day when we can’t see our way out of the darkness. God (aka Source). God (aka Universe). God (aka you, me, even discord). Simply. Is.

And this can easily be forgotten. Misplaced. Lost in war and anger and lack. Your light still is. And guess what else? People are watching.


They are looking.


They are seeking, within you, for the light that they may have been mis-remembered in a flurry of scarcity. And this glorious light lives deep within each of us. It is the spark of a fire on a cold night. The rainbow on a rainy day. A belly laugh when we are lost in our minds.

Your function is your light. It is yours to give. Anything else is just a broken record of nightmares that has never worked to change the world. But you can. You do. Just by bringing you. To every single soul you encounter. You are the light. Let it shine. Bring the peace.

And if you forget during the day, return to these soul-searing words:

I am the light of the world who brings peace to every mind that has forgotten. My forgiveness of this misremembrance allows me to heal the world.

Forgive what others may have forgotten. We are love. They are God/Source/Universe Divine.

Your love will help them remember.

Namaste LightWorkers.

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