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Bring the Awesome-Juice. ACIM Lesson #321

Father, my freedom is in You alone.

I maaaaay have mentioned I am a bit of an, er, ehem, control freak.

I love to think I can make all the balls juggle perfectly.

I am in CHARGE I say. I can strong-arm my life into synchronous submission.

And when life brings me a rogue event I hadn’t planned for-well, I basically tell said life to suck it. In not so many words. I am in control here.

And Source’s reply? Nope. Nada. Not even a little.

Lesson 321 encourages me to remember that in trying to take the wheel, I have forgotten what makes me, me. I am a Divine being having a beautiful experience here. And every time I try to take the wheel of control, I sacrifice the freedom of allowing this Divine-Diva self to bring me some fabulous experiences.

Essentially, in trying to control every outcome I limit the amount of awesome-juice that life can bring me if I just let go.

Here’s an example. Did you know that the human brain can process over 11 million bits of information per second? Know how many we consciously do? About 40-50. This means that our brains are filtering out quite a bit of life’s possibilities.

Today I invite you to try on a wider lens. To surrender to the freedom of what is. Any to truly experience the possibility that anything is possible. Let go. Give it over to your divine wisdom. Be free. And witness the magic fairy dust life can sprinkle our way.

Namaste. MagicMaker.

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