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Being Miracles-Lesson #77

I am entitled to Miracles.

I sometimes fancy myself a wordsmith. That I can turn a happy phrase with a sense of deftness and ease.

But today I’ve got nothin’ on ACIM.

I truly do not think I could ever say it better than this: You are entitled to miracles.

Yup. No matter what you think you have done, said or been…YOU are entitled to miracles. Yes, I see you there (who ME?).

Yes. You.

Not because of anything produced on the external, but because of who you are. Divine.

And here’s an even more amazing truth-You can give these miracles away too. By recognizing the Divine within, you can recognize this truth in others. And their own miraculous life can begin to unfold. Just by truly seeing one of their Divine moments. One little softness around any rough edges. One kindness they may have shown others.

By witnessing their Divine truth in action, you gift them with the miracle of their true selves. Behind the busy. Behind the worries. Behind any perceived fight for security or safety. The light shining that was gifted to them upon this incarnation upon this earth. The one that glows, longing to be expressed, just behind their eyes.

Lesson 77 asks us to put aside our ritual, habitual behavior and just see. To claim the miraculous life which is ours to live. Every day. Every hour. Every minute in love and belonging.

Simply state: I am entitled to miracles. And if doubt calles, repeat: I will not trade miracles for grievances. Miracles are my right as a child of the Universe. You will be affirmed. You will be guided. In certainty of the miracles you were born to receive.

Live out loud today dearest miracle workers!



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