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Because I'm Happy. ACIM Lesson #290

My present happiness is all I see.

Let me TELL you LightWalkers my present happiness was not all I saw when I came home from work yesterday.

I was rushing around. Trying to complete my tasks. Running from one meeting to the other. Attempting to answer emails and meet expectations and….well you get the picture. My present happiness was not exactly where my mind was at.

Lesson 290 put the breaks on this visit to crazy-town. It asked me to stop. Just stop.

For a moment.

And see what was really in front of me.

You see, while I was looking at the tasks and putting on my big-girl-gotta-get-it-done attitude, the real world was passing me by. And my frumpy, frustrated, overwhelmed attitude reflected this frightened, painful take on life as a result.

Lesson 290 understands we have moments friends. It gets the go, go, GO push of the world. But it also reminds us that our happiness is not found there. But it can be. Transforming what we see using Christ-vision. Laser goggles of pure light that hone with cat-like accuracy on the joy within.

Lesson 290 invites us to seek our present happiness. To look upon nothing else. To ask for the strength of Source to hold us in times of overwhelm. So that we can see beyond them to the happiness that waits beyond the illusion in time and space.

Happy Laser-Light-Vision Day LightWorker.


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