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Be the Glow-ACIM Lesson #157

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Into his presence I enter now.

Right out of college I entered into a relationship that nearly crushed me. What I thought was a love for a lifetime was really for a season.

In response I was defiant. I went a bit wild. I mentioned my motorcycle capers. And I often danced all night long.

I’ll admit it didn’t make me happy. I was bitter. I was cynical. I was more than a little grumpy.

One day, dragging into work after another late night, I was introduced to my new boss. I mumbled a muffled hello and shuffled around doing my work.

She was blonde. She was perky. She was funny and beautiful. In all honesty I expected to quietly resent her and move along my sarcastic way.

But my boss wasn’t having it. She organized fantastic parties for our staff. She reorganized the entire store. She made sure we were trained and supported. And she refused to let me not be her friend.

Eventually I warmed. She melted all of my glacial cynicism about caring for another human. She listened to my problems. And she reminded me of what joy and laughter looked like again. One snort at a time.

Have you met someone like this? Someone who just seems to glow from within? Someone luminous? Someone whose very presence transforms your existence into a better place and time?

Lesson 157 tells us we are just this blessed. That past our highest expectations for a spectacular life is more. A touch of Heaven that allows us to walk with eternity into this holy place.

And just like my friend cheered me without agenda, you don’t have to DO anything to get there. Just be. In the light. Blessing every life you touch. Trusting in the Divine plan.

Well…let’s not pretend that’s totally easy. But the rewards are great. To the tune of impacting every life you touch with this light. Or even think about.

Just like my dear friend did with my resistance. The presence of the Universe in your life transforms the vision you thought you had for your life. And it will return to you the vision of your life a thousand fold greater than you could ever imagine.

Shine on LIghtWorkers! The world needs your glow.

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