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Baby You're a Firework! ACIM Lesson # 189

I feel the Love of God within me now.

In the US it was recently Independence Day. And on Independence Day in the U.S. we do a little thing to celebrate. We shoot off Fireworks.

Fireworks have been around a long time for Celebrations. You may have even heard the story that Fireworks began by throwing a bamboo stick in fire. After their creation, Fireworks were used for anything from weapons to extravagant displays of wealth during celebrations. What started out as loud booms of bright light became colorful flashes that grace the sky.

What’s interesting about fireworks, is the first people who discovered them in China were actually Alchemists. Searching for eternal life. What’s even more interesting is that when you look at an unlit firework it seems rather bland. Paper. Plastic. Gunpowder. No one would suspect the power it contains within such a small container. And no two are exactly alike.

Lesson 189 reminds us we are all fireworks in the eyes of Source. A unique celebration of life and the Universe in expression. We are full of power and majesty our containers might not adequately represent.

Like a firecracker, there is a light in you the world may not yet perceive. One blinded by a false front. Your light is always there waiting to be set on fire by the Light of your Soul’s purpose. Made to alight the world with the brilliant colors that are uniquely yours to share. Within this Light is a beacon to return to the hope, forgiveness, peace, and love that is yours alone to bring to this night’s sky. An endless powder keg of joy within.

YOU are the Light in the darkness Dear Friends. Meant to shine. Fire, gunpowder and Soul aching to explode into this world to paint the world anew with the Alchemy of creation.

The choice is yours to see as Lesson 189 suggests. You can choose to see a simple firecracker-99 cents worth of untapped gunpowder and plastic. Or you can choose to see the priceless, Alchemical beauty you truly are. A limitless expression of the Universe. Uniquely made to bring your gifts to a world that is aching for your brilliance to light the night’s sky

Today I invite you to catch fire. To explode. To let the Love of God/Source shine beyond illusion. Beyond that simple firework waiting to be ignited.

Come anew. Come without preconceptions of who you think you are today. And watch the fire within burn brighter than a 4th of July Celebration. Leading us all home to the Source within by following your light.

Namaste Firecracker Shine on!

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