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ACIM Rewind: Leave it-Lesson 5 ACIM

I am never upset for the reason I think.

I am never upset for the reason I think.

There is a tenant in ACIM (stay tuned) that states there are no order in miracles. From walking on water, to finding a 5 dollar bill-they are all miracles to be received. And in the great All-That-Is, each is similarly glorious.

In a similar way, there are no order to the thoughts that upset me. Whether I am worrying about the plumbing or balancing my checkbook. All forms of distress are equally a form of fear or love. Pleasure or pain.

Lesson 5 asks that we acknowledge this truth in a pretty interesting way. It encourages us to really examine why we think we are so upset: I am not feeling X about Y for the reason I think (i.e. I am not worried about my sister’s car for the reason I think).

My thoughts are often motivated by a need for control. A longing to manipulate the Universe into giving me what I think I want. While removing myself from the present moment which has all we ever need.

So today I’ll let my worries about the dishes getting done go (if only for an instant). And receive the joy that comes from watching the sun come up or my cat play. Because if I have a choice between the plumbing and laughter-Well, I’ll try to choose the laughter every time.

Happy hunting for the miraculous fellow Light Chaser!

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