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ACIM Rewind: Get Your Love On-ACIM Review 1: Lesson #58

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Lesson #36 (My holiness envelops everything I see [W-p1.58.3.2): What you see is, literally, what you get. When we picture our lives as guilty, all we see is guilt. In our interactions. In others. In ourselves. But our Divine awesome is waaaay above all of this. And when we look for it, we can remember the greatness we were born to live.

Lesson #37(My holiness blessed the world [W-p1.58.5.1]): Every person we see in love ricochets that love back at least a thousand-fold. When we are brave enough to share this perfect acceptance of ourselves and others-our light blesses everyone we see. The world transforms. And joy becomes the blessing our world receives.

Lesson #38 (There is nothing my holiness cannot do[W-p1.58.7.1]): Our Divine love is like the mushrooms in the Mario Brothers game. It helps us to grow big and strong. And there are no mazes we can’t navigate when centered in its strength. THESE mushrooms undo the illusion of separation and insecurity. And replace these illusions with this Divine Truth-You are perfect. Unlimited in all you do. Just as you are.

Lesson #39 (My holiness is my salvation [W-p1.58.9.1]): Once we remember to love ourselves. Aaaand love ourselves some more. There is nothing left to fear. When we remember to love ourselves, we need no outside agency to reassure us we are enough. And we gift the salvation of our unconditional friendship to not only to ourselves. But to everyone we meet. Giving them permission to recognize the unlimited love of the Divine within themselves.

Lesson #40 (I am a blessed Son (or daughter) of God [W-p1.58.1.1]): The Universe wants you to succeed. You are supported, protected, unconditionally loved and guided. Always. No exceptions. You are always headed to the next greatest good for your growth and development in this earth school. And this love is a warm, downy blanket of blessings surrounding you in love forever.

All quotes are from A Course in Miracles, copyright ©1992, 1999, 2007 by the Foundation for Inner Peace, 448 Ignacio Blvd., #306, Novato, CA 94949, and, used with permission.

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