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ACIM Rewind: A Parable of Peace-ACIM Lesson #68

Love holds no grievances.[W-p1.68.2.1]

This one can be a bit hard to digest in our current climate. War. Anger. Uncertainty. All are grievances. Seemingly justified. Lurking in our existence. I can get pretty weary and upset when I think about the troubles of the world.

And history says we are not alone.

About 2300 years ago, legend says, there was a potential ruler of Northern India.

His name was Ashoka.

Ashoka had lots of grievances. He killed his brothers to gain the throne. Then he went on a rampage. Waging war. Using brutal force to suppress people who opposed him. Kicking A--. Taking names.

No, liiterally. He took names. When peeps wouldn’t pay him tribute. He waged a large-scale massacre. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed.

After one such battle, Ashoka was walking the field of the dead when he noticed a beggar, walking the same field.

“Mighty king,” the beggar said, approaching Ashoka holding a bundle. “You are able to take so many thousands of lives. Surely you can give back one life—to this dead child?”

Ashoka thought.

He fretted.

But despite all of his power and influence, this was one battle he could not win.

After this revelation Ashoka actually became a pretty amazing guy. He built temples and shrines. Concentrated on ensuring his people were fed and clothed. He's even credited with spreading Buddhism in his lands.

If a man who lived on anger and violence for his entire life can be transformed, who else in our lives can similarly be enlightened? Lesson 68 reminds me that my perceived enemies are really just angels who have forgotten their Divinity. That my forgiveness is a gift that is more powerful than violence. That Divine love is stronger than hate.

It begins with just a tiny drop of forgiveness sent to those I think are my enemies. Even this success will impact the world. Just like the beggar on the battlefield.

We feel our sisters/brothers because we feel afraid of our own safety. Divine peace protects us completely. Without question.

And when we can let go of our grievances for even an instant, we open the door for the Divine to peek it’s love through. We allow the space for our compadres on this earth plane to grow into their Divine selves. To remember that they are safe. To awaken through loving one-another.

My brother/sister is not my enemy. They are just another part of myself, waiting to be remembered. Hoping they can feel safe and loved enough to find their way out of the darkness. To choose again. To choose peace, without feeling threatened. Love holds no grievances. But until I let them go, I create a counterforce of hate and uncertainty which betrays the truth of the All-That-Is.

Our Divine selves are infinitely safe. Awake. And Loved. Use this prayer from Lesson #68 when you need a reminder:

I would see you as my friend

That I may remember you are a part of me

And come to know myself. [W-p1.68.2.1-3]

Remember who you are my sweet friends. This remembrance is a beacon of light to those who have forgotten.

You Are Divine. Namaste.

All quotes are from Un Curso De Milagros, copyright ©1995, 2018 by the Foundation for Inner Peace, 448 Ignacio Blvd., #306, Novato, CA 94949, and, used with permission.

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