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ACIM Reboot #2, Review

Have you seen the romantic movies where the lead puts a message in a bottle? Years later said bottle always washes upon the shore to spur another romance.

This Review for ACIM asks us to do the same.

This time the notorious ACIM recommends a dedicated morning & evening vigil for each of the ideas. Repeat as needed. And here’s the coolest part….Just listen. Listen to see what speaks to you as a result.

Much like that bottle, ACIM guarantees-There is a message waiting for you. Possibly one waiting longer than that note in a bottle, lazily drifting at sea. It is uniquely for you. And has been waiting a long, long time for you to recognize its contents.

Oh, and one more thing-ACIM asks we don’t get distracted by the sharks in the ocean! Detours, illusions, mortality. They are powerless in the face of the voice of your Divine message.

Happy Reviewing LightWorkers!

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