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Loving our Doppelgangers: ACIM Lesson #169

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

By grace I live. By grace I am released.

My partner is currently watching the Obi-Wan/Star Wars series. In all its sci-fy-ie glory.

In the series there is a character who appears to be against our hero. Tala Durith. But on exploring further (spoiler alert) we find that she is more complicated than she appears.

You see, she originally signed up to work with the Empire (aka the ‘bad’ guys) before pivoting.

What I like about this plot line is, not that Tala joined the ‘good guys’. But that she is a complex character.

Most of what we see on TV or in movies is a clear delineation between right and wrong. Good or bad. A very hard line between people who do it right and those who do it wrong. The hero or the villain. It suggests those doing it ‘wrong’ are disposable. Like a cup that’s not recyclable. There are even subtle (or not so subtle) plot twists that make you like the good guys and dislike the bad. To justify any ‘bad’ behavior.

But life isn’t always like this.

We mess up. We fall. We make 'wrong' choices. Then we choose again according to the things we learn. Maya Angelo has famously said When you know better, You do better. But we often hold people accountable for things they have done unintentionally. Labeling them bad, or worse, throw-away humans for their vulnerability. An all or nothing approach.

And by extension, this can allow us to disregard a whole culture as ‘Them’ without forming relationships or exploring the complex character of those within. This causes polarization. This causes reactionary defensiveness. Terrorism. And it sends a message of nonsupport for thinking ‘differently’ than the dominant paradigm. Abandoning any revolutionary souls who prioritize hope and happiness. While those who do not believe in these messages of hope seem to fulfill their needs.

Life is not one-dimensional dear friends. And I do not believe people are disposable. Not one single expression of God/Source. It is by this very Grace we can live and are released from this narrow view of humanity. Oneness is, in fact, rather simple:

God Is. Everything. No exclusions.

This returns us to the present moment of infinity. Of holy moments that are timeless, clear, and peaceful in witness to the love that is every molecule radiating light upon this earth. Of loving the Tala’s in our world. Not in spite of, but because of all of their complexity.

God. Is. This is grace. This is hope. This is the new humanity you can choose to live in love and acceptance.

Namaste LightWorker.

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