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6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

"Your legacy is every life you touch" -Maya Angelou

Sometimes in our lives we feel isolated. Removed. The pandemic has cultivated this feeling of separateness in some pretty significant ways.

I might feel, for example, that my life, my contributions are insignificant. That I don’t really matter.

The good news is that when I recognize the power of our oneness, I realize I’m never really alone. That I am neither above nor below anyone else. And neither are you.

What’s even cooler, because of this oneness we get a one-way ticket to ride on the coattails of anyone that has gone before us. This also means we provide the ride for anyone else amazing who comes after us, through the way we live our lives.

Think of it like the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. This is the pop principle that we all know someone who knows or is related to Kevin Bacon…within 6 peeps.

If the principle is true, this means that your life, in some way has influenced the famous Kevin Bacon-or he has influenced yours.

Think of the impact this has on your legacy. If we are only degrees away from Kevin Bacon…are we only 6 degrees from Gandhi? Mother Theresa? If so, perhaps we have had some small part in their greatness…just as they have had a part in ours.

So next time I feel less than awesome, I’ll try to remember that there is a beautiful chord of life that runs through all of us. A string theory of connectedness where we influence one-another. Our lives are important. What we do touches every other soul in this Universe.

And trust me, we do this in some pretty fantastic ways. Shine on light chasers!

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