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3 Steps to Silence Negativity-Peat/Repeat

“Change the voices in your head, make them like you instead”-Pink

Have you ever noticed we humans like a good routine?

I certainly do. I get up in the morning, do a little journaling & meditation. Exercise and read my spiritual texts while drinking a coffee. Rinse & repeat the next day.

Some days it’s like a vinyl record skipping over and over the crack in the seam. Or the Baby Shark song playing over and over again in my head. I like it. But it can get a bit repetitive after a while.

The truth is there are lots of songs in the Universe I can choose to play. If You are not enough is playing when I wake up in the morning, I can sing You are enough right back at those voices in my head. Or, even better, I can listen for a new song entirely to show up and enjoy.(Protip: Try You are Transcendently Awesome).

Life is full of different songs. And when I step away from my routine long enough to try a new one, I am often pleasantly surprised by their variety. The Universe delivers, in droves, new music to harmonize with my new intent.

All I have to do is to override the previously chosen playlist. And figure out what to ask for instead. My suggestion for today is to try some new voices in your head. Some kinder, more fun options instead. Those more in line with where we want to go, rather than where we have been.

How to do? Try these 3 steps today:

1. Wake up & take a page from my guru, Pam Grout. Tell yourself that something amazingly awesome is going to happen today.

2. Reply to any self-talk with And it’s ok. I can handle it. (i.e. The dishwasher has flooded over! And it’s ok. I can handle it).

3. Scarlet O’Hara that sh**. Tell yourself you will worry about that tomorra. Sans emergencies, most of what we worry about will never come to pass. And if it does, we have experienced the suffering twice for what has not yet happened once.

Letting yourself off the hook (believe me this is tough), allows you to enjoy the moment. To presence your current potential. And to allow the unique fun of today to fully permeate your luscious happy cells.

Let me know what you think? What amazing awesome things happen in your day. Love and light to everyone! Namaste.

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