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12 Oreos Deep-ACIM Lesson #67

Love created me like Itself.

The world offers a lot of options. Our consumer-driven society offers us convenience. Donuts. Coffee at every corner. It tells me I can fill up any void in my self-esteem with a super-sized drink or treat. It asks that I numb out when anxiety pays a call.

Contrarily, there is very little talk about what it means to love ourselves. Little dialogue around what it means to look in the mirror and say, in the words of Louise Hay, “I love you. I really, really love you”.

Instead, the world invites us to escape. To watch TV or consume our troubles away.

I’m not saying that a joyful show or sweet treat is wrong in any way. But when I am consuming rather than being, I become removed from the understanding of what it means to connect with myself authentically. I become distant from my Source.

And the road that leads me back is loving myself. My Divine creator within. The one who is always waiting in the wings with an ‘Atta Girl!’ rather than a cannoli.

Here’s the skinny: You are love. You can never be removed from it. Even when I’m 12 oreos in. The world is not only saved by the love that is the manifested creator itself through you. But by your ability to demonstrate this same ability to love yourself. Start with just one second today, dear friends.

One present second just for you.

This can mean setting boundaries. Leaving a tense situation when you need a moment. Taking time out for a few breaths when you feel stressed. Or simply reminding yourself of something amazingly awesome someone said to you.

THIS is the Voice of Love. THIS is the Voice of Truth. THIS is the demonstration of the luminescent light of love shining out from your Divine.

Revel that love for yourself. For you as Divine. And then love yourself some more.

I love you sweet friends!


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