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Your Purpose is Louder than the Vacuum Cleaner. ACIM Lesson #257

Let me remember what my purpose is.

On days when the laundry needs done. The cats are waiting to be fed. The dishes done. I wonder about my purpose. Am I fulfilling it by doing all of these mundane chores?

What am I missing while I am vacuuming the carpet? Is it important? Am I missing it?

Lesson 257 says that no matter what I am doing my purpose waits. That the mundane chores of life are just tiny opportunities to see the light in all things. That even the dust particles reflect this light in their sunbeams.

It reminds me that even when I forget my goals in the hustle and bustle of life. At the very times when life can seem the most overwhelming or meaningless-our function never lives out there. We carry it within.

When we can remember the connection. When what we want is only to find this connection while we do whatever it is we do. Our actions become meaningful just because we are there. Living with Source. Remembering the vibration and frequency of love that is always ours to live. And sharing this, even unconsciously, with one-another.

Peace is just a thought away Dear Friends. It is louder than the vacuum cleaner. More vibrant than any dust bunnies. And more purifying than an ocean of dishes waiting to be cleaned. Touch this moment in the truth of who you are. Just waiting to be released into an ocean of freedom within.

Namaste LightWorker!

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