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You Belong in this Room

Your self-worth is your job, it is your sacred space to cultivate”-India Arie

India Arie is an award-winning musical artist. She is a revered songwriter, renowned musician, her net worth in the millions. In 2001 India Arie was enjoying fantastic success as a new artist. Her debut album was getting great reviews and people were listening. She was even nominated for around 7 or 8 grammys in 2002.

Want to know the result? Nothing. Despite all of her commercial success Arie was grossly overlooked at the 2002 Grammys. This was a seminal moment for the artist. She could have given up on her dreams, walked away, tried something new. Many of us would have. And no one would have blamed her for it one bit. But Arie didn’t give up. She continued to make music, stood in her sacred space, and refused to let go of her dreams. Arie knew who she was and what dreams were placed in her heart. She continued to manifest them to the tune of a lucrative music career, and award-winning success.

What am I saying? You belong in this room. You belong in any room. In every room you have ever been in. The story we tell ourselves over and over again is that if we just accomplish a little more, get that perfect grade, or win that awesome award, we will finally belong in the room of our dreams. Whatever that looks like for each of us individually. In reality we have earned every inch that got us to those places in the first place. It is our job, our true calling I would suggest, to cultivate our self-worth with just as much intention and focus as we do the jobs we go to every day.

Affirmation: Your affirmation for today is “I Belong Here”. Whatever rooms you walk into today, whatever people you encounter, repeat the words “I Belong Here”. Don’t forget to set a reminder on your phone or a post-it note in your preferred space.

Your challenge for today is to walk into one room. Just one room you enter every day. Push your shoulders back, head held high, wide stance. Scientific studies have indicated that a power posture, like this one, is linked to improved performance. So enter with a little sass today. You belong in those rooms. Begin the journey of cultivating your worth in this, and every space, you choose to bless.

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