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YOU are your Guru-ACIM Lesson #193

All things are lessons God would have me learn.

It is said that the famous ninth-century Chinese Buddhist monk Linji Yixuan told his disciples, “If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him." Whaaaat?!?

Harsh. Real Harsh.

The premise is that our greatest teacher is always ourselves. When we think any one person, place or thing knows it all-It is time to ‘kill the Buddha’ of our hero worship and look within.

Any time we look outside of ourselves for affirmation. We cheapen the power of God within ourselves. We believe in a perfection outside of ourselves that can only fall short of the Divine perfection within.

This is always fallible. Always disappointing. And while our Soul’s teachers are valuable resources, there is an element of discernment and individual interpretation in discovering our highest resonating truths. It is only by accessing this Christ within that we can tap into the Christ Consciousness that is connected to our individual greatest, highest self. That portion of ourselves connected to our own personal journey for salvation. Tuned in to our sacred tasks. The tasks so unique to us they cannot be explained, justified or fully realized by another.

Lesson 193 supports this premise of personal autonomy. It says that when we look outside of our center to find the truth. We discover a life filled with obstacles. And when we do, we make Gods out of these thick boulders. And while everything is a lesson, these lessons are ours alone to learn. Given as opportunity to grow the inner teacher within.

Trust yourselves dear friends. Over any truth I or anyone else might convey as gospel. You are your greatest teacher on this biggest life adventure. And when we can integrate these lessons, we begin to open the gates to Heaven’s door. Supporting the process of self-agency. Knowing instead of perceiving. And in forgiving any errant or conflicting thoughts in who we perceive as the other, not to mention, within ourselves.

In honor of your wisdom LightWorker.


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