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YOU are the Light that Rocks the World. ACIM Lesson #237

Now would I be as God created me.

Lesson 237 is a little play on ACIM greatest hits Review VI-we are as Source created us. But this lesson takes it just a teeny step further-and places this concept in the now. The holy present moment. We are still as Source created us. But we show up for this creation in the Now. The only moment that exists.

And who are we? The Light that rocks the world, angelic peeps. The glory of the sun rising on an empty horizon. The beauty and the majesty of the All-That-Is. All in one glorious motion of life living.

How to mobilize this amazing? Simply allow. Be. Let go of any attachments to how you think you are and remember who you are instead.

Easier said than done? Try this gem from my zen yoga instructor, Tracey Noseworthy:

From the top of my head, to the tips of my toes I relax, release and let it go.

Repeat as needed.

Keep in mind Lesson 237 doesn’t ask that we DO anything. Just BE. You are the light of the world Dear LightWorker. Shining as a beacon of light to all that ache to see. Beaming your awesome into the ether of any perceived darkness. Every day. In every action. When you take out the garbage. When you walk. When you smile at your neighbor. And when you just ARE doing nothing but engaging with the inner light that is you, without you even knowing.

In extreme Gratitude for all you innately are LightWorker. Shine on!

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