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You are the Bridge over Troubled Waters -ACIM Lesson #166

I am entrusted with the gifts of God.

Thich Nhat Hanh tells a story of refugees fleeing Vietnam in the 70’s. He talks about the dangers these poor people faced. Floating in boats in the middle of the ocean, seeking safety. Occasionally pirates would overtake the boats. If the people on the boats panicked, the boat would immediately capsize, and all the inhabitants would drown. But if, instead, one person could remain calm, the entire boat would be calm, and their balance was maintained.

Lesson 166 reminds me to not capsize the boat that Source has given me. To refrain from letting sorrow tempt me to betray the gifts of God/Source by forgetting to look at all I have generously received. To remain serene in turbulent waters.

We are more than we pretend to be dear friends. Far more than our jobs. Our fears. Or our worries. We are a limitless expression of the All-That-Is in motion. And we have only to look deeply to see that we are blessed beyond measure with infinite possibilities.

Today Lesson 166 asks us to remember where we came from. To let go of fear. And to remind us that any justification of fear simply invites others to do the same.

Instead we can put on the ‘spiritual amour’ my Rev states will provide a safe haven of joy and respite. A calm in the storm. Stabilizing our boat. Both for our fellow Light-Walkers. And for ourselves.

May your waters be clear today Sweet Friends! Namaste.

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