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You are Luminous- ACIM Lesson # 155

I will step back and let Him (Source) lead the way.

In it, not of it. You’ve heard the adage perhaps?

You know the peeps. Thich Naht Hahn. The Dali Lama. Mother Theresa. Maya Angelou. In the world, not of it.

These souls seem to have a peace and serenity surrounding them that is untouched. A knowing beyond imagining.

The serene forehead, quiet eyes, and frequent smile that Lesson 155 promises. It’s like they have one foot in this world, and one in the next. Straddling the two existences. Seeing beyond the known.

*Sigh* I often wish I was this enlightened. That I saw what they saw. That I knew what they seem to inherently know.

Well, lucky me, Lesson 155 says-there is a way. To be in this knowing. To recognize what is beyond the veil. Lesson 155 says that if I just get my monkey-brain out of the way. If I let go and step back, the Universe will deliver this serenity beyond the illusions I cling to as real.

In fact, it states that it is our sacred task to do so. To understand that we create the illusions. But to also know they are only illusions.

Our true Source is peace beyond understanding. This peace lives in all. Even on our worst days. Even when we feel frazzled, unkept and disheveled.

It is our sacred duty to continue to recognize the source within. To release any attachment to a world of suffering and illusion. To let this source lead the way so that we may recognize it in one another. And to create a world of LightChasers in love and surrender.

Namaste Sweet Laminators!

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