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YOU are a Gift-ACIM Lesson #108

To give and to receive are one in truth.

Yesterday I went out into the world. Oh my.

My partner & I were on an adventure with friends. It was a CSI virtual adventure.


Hundreds of people walking about downtown, faces in the corresponding CSI app on their phones. Searching for clues. Trying to solve the mystery. It was a blast.

As I was rounding a corner with my group, I noticed a lady standing on the corner, red eyes, watching us all pass.

Good Morning. I said.

She looked me straight in the eyes and gave me the most heart-felt thank-you I have ever received. And when I looked. When I really looked. I saw that she had felt unseen. That with all of the hundreds of people milling about, she felt misplaced and alone.

I kept on walking, but nodded to her in understanding.

It was a simple gift. Not something I would even really consider a gift on most days. A tiny greeting. But, in reflection, I felt eternally grateful that I had given it. That I hadn’t walked on by without a word, as I so often do. That I had showed up in that moment. It warmed my heart. And it filled me up.

It was a gift that I received just as much from experiencing.

Lesson 108 reminds me that our lives contain so many moments like these. For each simple gift of love and kindness we give, our light is returned over and over again. It is a vision beyond what our eyes can see. A knowing of grace beyond our physical existence.

We give it in the simple things, like a greeting. And we receive it in the love we share with one-another. Today I issue a simple challenge, if you are game (CSI pun intended ; ) ), to try this practice: Offer peace, love and light to everyone you see today. Try using these words or come up with your own:

To everyone I offer tranquility. To everyone I offer peace. To everyone I offer gentleness.

Give it away. And watch these gifts blossom in your own life, coming back to receive the light you give to one-another.

Namaste Sweet Friends.

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