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Yellow Brick Road

This morning I was on a lovely walk. The path where I walk splits at the end. Two options. Left or right.

I usually walk left, by a beautiful fountain. By my gut said right.

Being a spiritual deviant, I stubbornly walked left-wanting to look at the fountain.

I took four steps, five, took a breath, and….turned around & walked right.

I felt super foolish. I even looked around to see if anyone was watching my antics.

But no one was & I walked on, unsure of why my intuition wanted me to go this way.

Anyone who knows me understands I have a bit of an obsession with cats. I adore them.

And guess what showed up right in the middle of my walking path? A kitty!

This is not a big deal to most people. Not even all that out of the ordinary.

For me, this was like finding the Emerald City. A gift.

I slowly kneeled down, barely containing my excitement….stuck out the finger of truth for smelling….and he came right over, smelled my peace offering, and laid down in the middle of the sidewalk tolerating my complete adoration.

The point? It pays to listen to instinct. Some call this intuition. I call it the yellow brick road.

When I actually listen and follow it-I find treasures beyond my best imaginings. Like surprise kitties.

Where might your yellow brick road lead you today? Give it a chance. Listen to your gut. I hope you too find wonderful surprises in the golden road!

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