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Wisdom from Rover-ACIM Review #1: Lesson #57

Lesson #31 (I am not the victim of the world I see): My sister used to have a dog named Sadie. Sadie was playful & beautiful. But Sadie REALLY loved eating things. Barbies. Plastic. The dialogue when we would see Sadie with an indigestible items was ‘Sadie leave it!’. And so it is with us. We can choose to hang on to the thought that we are victims of the world we see. Or choose to ‘Leave it’ at the door. When the world feels as crazy as it looks right now we can choose to be victims or co-creators of a new paradigm. And the miracle begins with a desire to do so.

Lesson #32 (I have invented the world I see): This one may be a little hard to swallow right now. But, keeping with the dog theme, we live in kennels. And not the cushy kind with blankeys and treats. Prisons. Of our own making. Our thoughts make cages of our lives, imprisoning us in the debilitating idea that we are not good enough, talented enough or resilient enough to survive without the things this world assures us we need. Including the indigestible. But the beauty, sweet friends, is that the door is open to our perception, just waiting for us to take a peek. To embrace the breathtaking lives we were born to live.

Lesson #33 (There is another way of looking at the world): Have you ever noticed when a dog sees their person, they gets crazy-excited? It jumps up and down and barks happily. The dog doesn’t see a day full of bad decisions, stress, strife, or financial insecurity. The dog just sees the person it loves. Lesson #33 is a lovely step from awareness (aka inventing the world we see) to choosing again (looking at it all differently). So, like these sweet puppies, I think I too can see the world a little differently. I can look for the fearful thoughts-or choose to find the love.

Lesson #34 (I could see peace instead of this): Lesson #34 is the true (in typical ACIM fashion) resonance with our current times. How can we see peace instead of this? Some pups jump at every noise. Others can sleep through a proverbial train running through the living room. And some change the rules from day to day, unpredictably. But when you get a good snuggy-nap with your dog, or pet of choice, there is no greater peace and joy that resides within your heart. Who wouldn’t choose a snuggy, peaceful nap over conflict? Choose the nap friends. Choose to abide with your fellow beings in peace. See the peace that is always waiting for you. Like your furry friend, providing you comfort on the couch of life.

Lesson #35 (My mind is a part of God’s. I am very holy): Lesson #35 is the final Kapow! in the progressive Lessons for today. Dogs take on energy. Have you ever noticed if you are feeling stressed out and meet an unfamiliar four-legged friend, they seem to get hyped up straight away? But when I maintaining our center. When I can find my peace. The dog’s behavior reflects my own. And so it is with our minds. If we can connect to the All-That-Is. When we can remember we ARE Source in action. And when we find that place of tranquility that is always with us, we find the Divine within in not only ourselves, but, in our oneness with one-another.

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