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Who wants to be a Divine Millionaire? ACIM Lesson #327

I need but call and You will answer me.

Have you ever watched the show Who wants to be a Millionaire?

On the show contestants answer a series of questions which progressively give them an opportunity to win more cash. But with great reward comes great risk. As they progress along, if they answer a single question incorrectly….nada.

No cash for you.

They can opt out at any time. Taking their cash and going on their merry way. Or continue to answer questions. Risking it all for the big prize of a million dollars.

They do give contestants some form of support. They can ask an audience member. Get a 50/50 option to decrease the # of choices.

The most intriguing help option to me is phoning a friend.

They get to choose to call whoever they would like. A bestie. An old professor. Even that kid from 3rd grade who knew everything (I’m talking to you Darren).

From here they can choose to take this person’s advice. Or remain anchored in their own thinking.

Lesson 327 is a whole lotta like Who wants to be a Millionaire. Only with happiness as the reward.

I can choose, every day, to call upon the Divine and listen…or I can continue to rely upon my own warped perceptions of life.

We have a 24/7 hotline to Source. And when I think about what a miraculous gift that is….Well, let’s just say I don’t want to waste the opportunity to make Divine guidance my permanent lifeline.

Namaste LightWorker!

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