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When thoughts are Mr. Pointy. ACIM Lesson # 281

I can be hurt by nothing but my thoughts.

Well, well Lesson 281. I see you. Tricking me. I can be hurt by nothing but my thoughts?

Well, I’ve fooled you. My thoughts can be pretty painful. Sharp even…Pointy.

The law of attraction states that we attract what we put our attention on. That our thoughts have magnetic properties that focus our perceptions on what we expect to see. Lesson 281 reminds me that when I focus my attention on my pointy thoughts. Well, let’s just say I get the pointy end of THIS stick right into my consciousness.

How to discern the difference?

Is it a thought that brings you peace? Tranquility? A sense of calm? Joy? Then the thoughts are true. It tracks.

This is not to say we should suppress or ignore our emotions, just that we recognize where they originate. When they are from the world. From our experiences on the outside. Instead of the true Source within. The center. Our safe haven of truth that is always ours to live in love.

Namaste LightWorker

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