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What You See...Is Not Always what You Get-ACIM Lesson 29

God is in everything I see.

From the time we are children we are taught to categorize things.

This is a shoe.

This is a table.

These are my mean sisters chasing me around with the vacuum cleaner (sorry sisters, couldn’t resist ; ) ).




From a very early age we are taught these things. To keep us safe. To keep us well. To protect not only our physical forms, but also our tender hearts.

And, while this process is stellar for avoiding scary situations in dark alleys, it makes us equally afraid of what seems scary but are actually be two sisters who happen to love me very much (despite said vacuum incident).

So if I decide to run away from the vacuums in my life, I may potentially miss the unlimited joy and love.

Keep in mind, I’m not saying cross the street without looking both ways. Or encouraging playing with a saber-tooth tiger for that matter. But I believe there is a level of respect and love we can see in all things When I take the time to see beyond appearances. When I actively look for the Unity of love that weaves through ether of the unseen.

Lesson 29 asks me to start with the little things-The Divine is in this pen. The Divine is in THIS traffic jam (ok that’s bigger). To refrain from discriminating. To choose love. No matter what.

There is a beautiful story about a woman held at gunpoint by terrorists. While looking down the barrel of this gun she told the gunman “This is not who you are”. He put down the gun.

I most definitely don’t have the lady-balls to pull off that one. But I admire the Divine sight it took to see beyond such terrifying appearances.

There is love in all things my dear friends. Beyond the masks of hate. Beyond appearances.

And when I connect to my fellow humans. In Unity. In love. In solidarity for a better tomorrow. I begin to see clearly-The Divine in all I see.

Happy seeing my dear ones. Shine on Light Chasers!

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