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What we Give we Receive. What we Receive we Give. ACIM Lesson #339.

I will receive whatever I request.

There is an old Sufi story about a man who wants to move to a village. He asks the tribe leader what kind of people live in the village. The tribal leader asks What kind of people live in your old village?.

Mean spirited, ugly, angry, the man replied.

It is exactly the same here, answered the leader.

Soon after another man approached the leader, asking to move to the area. He, too, asks, what kind of people live in this village. What kind of people live in your old village? The tribe leader replies again.

Lovely, kind, generous the man replies.

It is exactly the same here, answers the leader.

Our focus creates our reality. We bring to our situations what we believe to be true. Then we create this truth through self-reinforcing beliefs, actions, and relationships. We receive what we request.

Lesson 339 reminds us to request the lovely, kind, generous words and deeds that are our birthright as a Divine being. To refuse to play small, or small-minded by requesting anything other than joy, happiness, and peace. The Universe, in its Divine wisdom, will always provide more than we can fathom in answer.

Namaste Dear LightWorkers.

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