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What we Give we Receive-ACIM Lesson #126

All that I give is given to myself.

A beloved of mine is in the process of selling her home. There is stuff to be sold or relocated. The entire house has to be cleaned. The chaos….Well, let’s just say it is palpable for her.

She was putting items in storage in the middle of the night when a lovely man offered to help her take things off the truck & was even willing to sell a few things for her online. She was sad she didn’t have the funds to compensate him for all he had done.

So I played Santa. I stopped by and left a gift. The Universe told me to.

After a few days later I had kindov forgotten about the whole thing when she called. Choked up. Grateful.

And I crumbled. I crashed within myself. My heart filled.

What was, for me, a small thing meant a lot to her.

Lesson 126 is very much like the gift my friend gave to me. While I thought I was being generous. Congratulating myself for listening to the call, I had forgotten magnanimous ROI that lesson 126 guarantees.

What we receive we give what we give we receive.

It waits for us. It feeds us, when we feed one-another.

In our one-ness, life becomes cyclical. And it works for anything we give. Picking up a piece of trash. Smiling at a neighbor. These are all positive investments that contribute to the whole. That create a world in consciousness that is everything our love believes is our true right and purposeful.

The love you freely give does this my friends. Every. Single. Day. You are valuable and important. YOU are the gift this world is waiting to receive. Just by being you.

Love and light LightChaser.

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