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What's in the Box!! ACIM Lesson #279

Creation’s freedom promises my own.

My partner LOVES a good puzzle box. You know, the ones with a surprise way of opening?

He likes the challenge of figuring out the box. The secret compartments. All the stuffs. (And yes, this IS an actual box of his)

Me, on the other hand. Well, I just get frustrated with the d*mn things. I mean WHY do they have to make it so complicated. It’s just a box. Meant to hold things. Not impede my ability to get to the treasure.

But Lesson 279 says…that’s exactly what we often do to our Soul’s purpose. Put our dreams in a box. We set it aside and let it gather dust on the shelf. And while we become immersed in life’s everyday challenges and tasks, it lies in wait. And sometimes becoming more difficult to figure out.

The good news is, even in a box, our Soul doesn’t diminish. It is waiting for us. In the box we have created for it. And while it may seem puzzling, from time to time to understand what its’ goal is for our lives, part of the fun is solving the puzzle.

My point? Set your Soul free from the box Dear Ones. Bit by precious bit if necessary. Piece of the puzzle by glorious piece. It is Aching for you to open it up. To let your unique creation free into the world. Your life is a promise from your Soul. A sacred contract. The most glorious puzzle you will ever engage in. But it can sit. And gather dust. Waiting if you don’t decide to set it free.

Share your gifts. Solve the puzzle. And reveal the beautiful treasure that is you. Waiting within.

Namaste DreamWeaver!

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