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What's in a Name? ACIM Lesson #303.

The Holy Christ is born in me today.

It is a well-known fact that I am terrible with names. This is not intentional. But I consistently have difficulty remembering.


It is not that I forget who people are. I could probably tell you how many children you have. Hobbies. If you like to garden.

But names. Not my bag.

My spiritual self says that labels are meaningless.

The earthly part wishes I could just remember for pete’s sake.

Lesson 303 says our collective earthly selves similarly have difficulty remembering who we are.

That Source is us. Our Higher Self. Always there waiting to be recognized. Received. Found in the stillness. Born of our ability to connect to our essence in the quiet. The earthly labels, indeed, disappear when welcome our heavenly Source into our lives. And our world becomes transformed as a result.

Filled with Love. And with the remembrance of who we really are in truth. Beyond the names this world would give us. Transcended in peace to the Divine purpose that is always waiting for us to live.

Your name is indeed Holy LightWorker. Shine on!

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