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What Lives In the Misty Morning...ACIM Review VI: Lesson #218

I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me./Only my condemnation injures me.

This morning I took a walk. It is super hot in the Midwest so I headed out early.

As I was puttering along, I noticed a low spot in the park where I was milling about. It was beautiful. Transformed into a fairyland of mist and mystery. A place where children normally play soccer was a landscape of unknown possibility. Hidden in its secret depths.

Lesson 218 reminds me that we can keep the depths of our own beauty hidden with our self-talk, just like this misty treasure. When we put ourselves down or should on ourselves we are obscuring the perfect brilliance that God/Source created. We are condemning that which is beyond reproach. Forgetting the beauty beneath the mists of our errant thoughts.

Remember who you are illuminated seeker. You are a vision in the darkness. A light for all who seek the truth. If only your condemnation holds you back, imagine what your truth can reveal….

Namaste LightWorker.

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