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What is your Superpower? ACIM Lesson #349.

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Today I let Christ’s vision look upon All things for me and judge them not, but give Each one a miracle of love instead.

When I was a kid x-ray vision was a superpower everyone wanted. To SEE into someone’s guts…well, that was the best thing ever.

As I have gotten older, I think the most excellent superpower would be x-ray vision of the soul. To really see into someone’s heart. Soul. Experiences. And find out what motivates them. Instead of judging on the superficial, as I so often do.

Lesson 349 is a reminder to me that I can choose to give the miracle of love instead of judgement. My Divine gift is to see people, as they truly are. Instead of as the mask they might portray. That there is value. Even in the seemingly tarnished parts of any given soul. And it is my mission to x-ray vision those parts in of everyone. To love through any perceived faults or worldly attributes.

This acceptance can truly be a miracle my friends. It is a gift that only we can give. And it can save the world. One soul at a time.

Namaste Dear ones. Shine on in Vision.

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