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What is YOUR Soul's Contract? ACIM Lesson #317

I follow in the way appointed to me.

When I was 24, I realized I hated my job. I had just graduated from college. Six years of grueling work I was not naturally gifted doing. I went to work every day disgruntled and exhausted.

I was enjoying getting a paycheck. But I certainly wasn’t loving what I did.

It took me almost 15 MORE years to figure out that I could choose again. That I was not married to a career that left me empty. And that I was not alone.

There are so many of us out there who long for something more. Who have tons more to give to a passion or our Soul’s whisper. And it matters not one bit how old you are. You have this one precious life. You are gifted. And you have a Soul’s contract to share these gifts with the world.

Lesson 317 reminds us that we have a special role to fill-one that no one else on this earth came here to do. And that you too can choose again.

Any time. Any place. To fulfill this purpose.

Do something for your Soul today. Something that makes you laugh out loud. Something that fills you up. Pet a puppy. Dance like no one is watching. Paint a picture. And *gasp* color outside of the lines. You are here to create. Dream big LightWorker.


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