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What is your Next Greatest Adventure? ACIM Lesson #353

My eyes, my tongue, my hands, my feet today Have but one purpose-to be given Christ To use to bless the world with miracles.

Almost every morning for a period in my life I would lose my car keys. Were they in my coat pocket? On the counter. On the table? Could be anywhere. You might think I would put them in the same place every day.


All of this would occur, of course, right as I was headed out the door in a panic.

So my partner (for his sanity & mine) purchased a key holder & hung it by the door. Problem solved.

Sometimes our search for purpose can seem very much like my lost car keys. The hustle and bustle of life can blind us to what is obviously there. Throw us off course. It can even indicate we aren’t good enough when we can’t find our way.

But, as with many things, there is a simple solution. Using what we are Divinely given. Just like car key holders-the Divine within you represents all of the miracle solutions you need to find direction. It uses your eyes, hands, feet. Everything that the Divine can use to serve a greater good. And all we need do is look when we need it most. See the proverbial key to life in front of us-the single next thing that is ours to do. Give a smile. Pick up a single piece of trash. Hold open a door. They are all miracles. And, as we’ve learned, there are no order in miracles.

Today I invite you to opt for the simple lesson of 353. To let go of the frustrations of the world, in favor of a connection anchored in your true purpose. Listen and find the Divine voice within. It is guiding you to your greatest adventures.

Namaste dear LightWorkers!

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